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 Here is the Moonpool, where you can meet with StarClan for Medicine Cat meetings or approvals. 




Here is StarClan's domain, where the souls of worthy deceased cats gather in afterlife.


Cats currently in StarClan:

Grassswallow - She was once the ShadowClan medicine cat. She was a very sweet and caring she-cat. She may seem cold, but that would be judging a sweet cat. Grassswallow knows how to heal any wound or disease, and she's a great hunter - nothing can slip from her paws. Agile, quick, and a great healer as well. (Roleplayed by Stellerheart) 

Smallstep - A brave and courageous tom. Younger brother of Appleleaf. He is bouncy and fun with crystal blue eyes. He has a kind-heart like his sister and is impossible to argue with. He was once a warrior of WindClan.

Smoketalon - A tom of 14 moons of age. He is a very aggressive tom, but will show mercy. He used to be in the dark forest, but was recently accepted into Starclan. He looks like a strong, battle-scared cat with smoky fur. He has an autumn gaze that can pierce through your soul, and a white underbelly. His mate was Sandmoon, who was often possessed by Mapleshade while he was possessed by Tigerstar. (Roleplayed by SilverKit and Co)

Mudpelt- a brown tom with amber eyes. He is a very nice cat, and his mate was Cinderpelt of ThunderClan. He has one kit, Creampelt.

Graydawn - a nice and compassionate she-cat of 17 moons, turned sour after her willpower was worn down by not what her Clan did, but rather what her Clan didn't do. Graydawn was the former deputy of RiverClan and mate of living Roughsky. She had disappeared one morning and never returned. (Roleplayed by Cascarakit)

Nightkit- a sweet black tomwith orange eyes. He was 3 moons old when he died. His sisters are Bellakit and Hollykit. His brother is Nightkit. He has a very sweet heart. (Roleplayed by Bellakit and littermates.)

Hawkgaze- He's a small dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes, now in Star Clan because he had well... died. He's mate Bubblecloud had 5 kits when he was still alive. He used to be in River Clan but now he lives in Star Clan.


 This is the Dark Forest, where souls of the unworthy and greatly evil cats proceed onto after death. Be careful here!


Cats currently in the Dark Forest: 

 Insanityclaw - In her first life, This blazing orange blazing tabby she-cat murdered all who did so much as look at her in a bad way. She killed for sport and her paws were perminantly stained with the blood of her victims. The clue of her temperament  Is in her name. Shes mad. Everything about her is sycotic and Hers is the schizophrenic voice in all others heads. She joined blood clan and started training in the Dark Forest with Wolf Fang, This soon bled into illogical and phicotic love. But a tom in Blood clan had fallen for Insanityclaw, she tried to kill him so many times but her plans would of been ruined if she did and got kicked out of the clan. So she let him go many times but eventually he snapped and caught her off guard. Well, lets just say, she ended up pregnant. Wolf fang made them his with the power of the Dark Forest and now one of her kits, Asteroid, roams the Dark forest as a living cat but has a special power that no other cat has and no other cat can harness or resist. Then Insanityclaw was killed in blood clan when the clan revolted against her but she only got away because she was having kits. And when they were born, killed her. So for a while she lived in the Dark forest. Killing the demons and sapping strength from the gloomy foreboding place. And she was killed by Asteroid her daughter when she was trying to attack Wolf Fang. And Insanityclaw's soul possessed A kit in the outskirts who found herself in River clan named Tigerlily. When Tigerlily was made to be a warrior Insanityclaw took over her body and was back. Taking 3 of Swirlstars lives as she went. Returning to the Dark Fprest things between her and Wolf Fang had changed and now shes sworn on revenge. Sapping life from the Dark Forest and from Wolf Fang at the same time to then over throw him. Her bloody firey scent being the last trace any of her victims ever felt and her blazing flame pelt the fire in the blackness of the Dark Forest.

Nightshade - A Deadly dead cat. She will stop at nothing to kill, not even the border between the forest and reality. Her pelt is as black as her soul. (roleplayed by Nightshade ✘deadly✘)

Mapleclaw- Almost as deadly as Nightshade. She will kill cats in every battle, and once, she killed her own parents! Her apprentice is Cinderpelt. She was in ThunderClan.

Wolf fang-I am all a blackish grey color and I am a great deal bigger than the biggest cat. I was born on a complete lunar eclipse. (roleplayed by Wolf fang)

Lilacstream- a deadly but simply beautiful she cat with blue eyes. She killed her mother when she was an apprentice and killed many other cats. She has lived here almost all her life. She is still a living cat but still wonders here when she isn't doing  anything. She had a mate and they moved to be loners. She had kits with him but was abused by him. Her step mother took everything away and hates the clans. she killed Mapleshade and now lives as her and Maple. Making her the strongest she cat you ever saw.  

 SilverCloud: Once a beautiful silver and gray flecked she-cat of Shadowclan, now she is dead, scarred feline in the darkforest. She died while fighting for ShadowClan when Bloodclan attacked and will never forget the uselessness of her other clanmates. Her goal is to cause pain and chaos to her former home and she possess true hatred for GrayStar and wants him dead.

Cats training in the Dark Forest:

Shatterpaw of ShadowClan

Brightshadow of ThunderClan

TwilightFang of WindClan

Birdflight of SkyClan

Cinderpelt of ThunderClan

PetalHeart of RiverClan

Bird of the evil kits

Kiwi of the evil kits

TigerFang of RiverClan

SpottedCloud of ShadowClan

DeathWhisper of BloodClan

Moon Of BloodClan



Kit to Apprentice:


Leader: [kit], you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as [apprentice name]. Your mentor will be [warrior]. I hope [warrior] will pass down all he/she knows to you.

The leader calls up the warrior he/she has chosen as a mentor.

Leader: [warrior], you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from [warrior's mentor], and you have shown yourself to be [trait] and [trait]. You will be the mentor of [apprentice], and I expect you to pass on all you know to [apprentice].
The mentor touches noses with the apprentice, and the Clan greets the new apprentice by calling out his/her name. After this, the apprentice will usually go greet their family, or go see to their mentor.

Apprentice to Warrior:


Leader: I, [leader name], leader of [clan] call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this/these apprentice[s]. [She/He/They] has/have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend [Her/Him/Them] to you as a warrior/warriors in [Her/His/Their] turn. [apprentice names], do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life/lives?
Apprentice[s]: I do.
Leader: Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name[s]. [apprentice name], from this moment you will be known as [warrior name]. StarClan honors your courage and determination, and we welcome you as a full warrior of [clan]. [repeat until all are made warriors]

[warrior name]! [warrior name]!

The new warrior licks the leader's shoulder and is to sit vigil in the camp that night.

Kit to MC Apprentice:

The Leader calls a Clan Meeting, after the Clan's medicine cat announces that he or she wishes to mentor an apprentice. The following words are used, by tradition.

Medicine Cat: Cats of [clan], as you know, I will not be around forever. So it's time I took an apprentice. I have chosen a cat who has shown [trait]. Your next medicine cat will be [apprentice].
Leader: [apprentice], do you accept the post of apprentice to [medicine cat]?
Apprentice: I do.
Medicine Cat: Then at the half-moon, you must travel to the Moonpool to be accepted by StarClan before the other medicine cats.
Leader: The good wishes of all [clan] will go with you.

The mentor touches noses with the apprentice, and the Clan greets the new apprentice.

At the Moonstone/Moonpool

At the next half moon, the medicine cat goes with the apprentice to the Clans' sacred place to present him or her to the warrior ancestors, where the apprentice confirms his or her wish to be a medicine cat. The following words are used, by tradition:

Medicine Cat: [Apprentice], is it your wish to enter the mysteries of StarClan as a medicine cat?
Apprentice: It is.
Medicine Cat: Then come forward.
Medicine Cat: Warriors of StarClan, I present you with this apprentice. [He/she] has chosen the path of a medicine cat. Grant [him/her] your wisdom and insight so that [he/she] may understand your ways and heal [his/her] Clan in accordance with your will.

The medicine cat apprentice drinks from the Moonpool. Then the medicine cat and the apprentice lay down and have a dream from StarClan.

MC Apprentice to MC:


Apprenticeship for medicine cats usually lasts much longer than those for warriors. The cat must learn about all available herbs, and the treatment of disease and injury.

Once the clan's medicine cat is satisfied with the apprentice's knowledge, they go to the Moonpool. This is the only ceremony that is not performed by the leader in the camp. The following words are used, by tradition:

Medicine Cat: I, [MC], medicine cat of [clan], call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. [He/she] has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with your help [he/she] will serve [his/her] Clan for many moons.
Medicine Cat: [Apprentice], do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?
Apprentice: I do.
Medicine Cat: Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your true name as a medicine cat. [Apprentice], from this moment you will be known as [full name]. StarClan honors your [traits], and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of [Clan].

The medicine cat rests his or her muzzle on the apprentice's head, and he or she licks the mentor's shoulder. The other medicine cats greet him or her by their new name.

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The next Gathering will be 
November 17, 2013!

Clans attending Gathering:

Next Half-moon visit is October 27, 2013!

Medicine cats attending-

(If you are a medicine cat and plan on visiting, please message any of the admins. Wildstorm&co.)

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